According to A survey, it is concluded that the users of smart phones spent their 90 percent time on using the apps. Surveys also show that the mobile app era is also growing with the emergence of more innovative apps.

While developing an app, it is important to make the life cycle of the mobile app proficient for developing a popular application.

A mobile app developing company has to comprehend the latest trends and technology for making the app popular. ArhamSoft(Pvt)Ltd is an experienced company and provides efficient mobile app development services to the clients. ArhamSoft is providing the information on different stages of the lifecycle of the mobile app development.

App Concept and Market Research
For making a popular and successful app, you should have to find a unique and innovative app. The most important phase of the app development is linked with the target market. You have to discover several aspects in the first stage of app lifecycle. If you want the desired results, you have to consider several things for example

  • The purpose of the app
  • What you expect from your app?
  • Your target markets and audience
  • Discover your main competitors
  • Selecting the right mobile app platform
  • App development and launching time.
  • Your app budget
  • Hiring app development company or choosing in-house app development

Set up the Objectives of Your App
Setting up the app objectives is called the planning phase of the app lifecycle. This phase is very important. You have to decide the features and functionalities that you want in your app. You should also confirm that the app can meet the demands of the users. You should also decide the features that you can add to make your app unique. You must know the factors that can make your app advanced.

Wire frames & Prototyping
It is a very important stage because you can get the idea about the app that how it will look. You have to decide the features that you want to add in your app in this stage but consider some important things before start wire framing which includes comprehending the goals, screen orientation, content representation, using organized content, using blocks etc for making your wireframe effective.

Foolproof wire frame helps in efficient and fast designing and development. Wire frame helps in guiding the backend structure for supporting the app like APIs, servers, data diagram and integrations and push notifications etc.

App Prototyping can make the process of development easy and also provides the evaluation of the design ideas, feedback collection, dead links realizing etc.

The App Development – through an Agile Methodology
Many processes are included in it. The agile methodology for developing the app helps in making the changes and implementing new features proficiently.

App Testing & Debugging – the Foolproof Methodology
This phase can make your app seamless.

Launch the App
When your app is ready for launch, you can submit it in the play store or the app store. It takes about 4-6 days to get approved but if they are Android apps, they will get approved in 3 hours.

App Store Optimization and App Marketing
After approval, app store optimization and app marketing is required for making the app popular.