In the past few years there has been a revolution in the communication system which shows that there is a technological progress. There will be increase in the use of information technology. The improvement and the increase in the use of information technology has resulted the decrease in the communication cost. The revolution in the information technology has produced many effects on the society. The most important consequence of the innovation in information technology is the emergence of e-commerce. Ecommerce is ; latest way of doing business. It has affected significantly on communications, education, finance, health, and retail sector.

The information technology and ecommerce has the impacts on the following sectors

  1. Commerce and Market Structure
    The information technology has reduced the distance. The geographic distribution of work has changed in many industries and many software companies have overcome the rigid software engineer local market by sending projects to other countries with lower wages. Some countries have the time differences so sending projects to those countries provides the benefit that it has become possible to work round the clock on the critical projects.
  1. Workplace and Labor Market
    It is now possible to communicate in many different ways other than traditional face to face communication. With the help of technology people can now collaborate with each other without physically meeting with each other. Sharing of information will improve the close relationships across the departments. The emailing will decrease the difficulties in communication over different levels of status and the supervisors and assistants will communicate more openly.

The computer and communication technology will reduce the issue of distance and people will be able to work at home instead of centralized workplace.  There will be expansion in the work at home jobs.

With the decreased employment cost, the individuals would be able to work on flexible schedules, on part time basis and do more than one job due to extensive telecommunications, so it will reduce job stress and the job satisfaction will be increased. Computer and communication technology will affect the employment sector but this technology will also replace some workers of some tasks like book keeping etc. as well as create some new jobs of computer field. The technology will also change the types of workers required for different jobs.

  1. Education
    Education will also be affected by the computing and communication technology. The way of teaching has changed. In some cases the presence of live instructors has also eliminated. In place of the instructors, the lectures are available in the CDs, DVDs, and the study material is also available online over the websites. The computer assisted instruction has also started. This has provided a lot of convenience to the students. The students can communicate anytime with the faculty with the help of emails. The advancement in the information technology has contributed to the expansion in coverage and better delivery of instruction.  Distance learning has helped many students continue their education through internet. The computer based education is more convenient and affordable.