Lack of capital is one of the basic reasons the startups fail. The cost that is incurred for operating a business often gets higher than the amount that the average entrepreneurs may manage. It then results in the failure and the rate is almost 90 percent for startups.

If in case you are not sure whether your business will be successful or not then in such a case, you should lower your expenses and should keep everything affordable. We are mentioning below some important ways by which you can do it

  • Squarespace

Squarespace platform will be very help for you in acquiring what you actually need. You may be having some free or paid options and you can get whatever you want from them so you can have either a website or only a basic logo for the recognition of your website. There are many comprehensive CMS platforms to so it is recommended to check them.

  • ClickBooth

Being the world’s number 1 affiliate network, clickbooth is growing its reputation by making affordable theCPA i.e.Cost per actionby every and startup firms.

  • Google Drive

You have collaborative needs and Google drive is your one stop shop for such types of needs. Now you have a free storage of 15 GB in the form of Google drive so you can easily edit, share and collaborate with them.

  • MailChimp

Mailchimp tool helps in email marketing. Now you can create and send planned emails, track analytics and manage our contacts. It is also free if you send some emails to only a small number of contacts but if you want to send to more contacts, the larger packages are also affordable and you can easily upgrade it.

  • Buffer

You can run multiple accounts on social media now. This is possible through buffer tool. Now organizing and running multiple accounts from the same place is not difficult. This facility is free and on your social campaigns, you can increase your efficiency as well.

  • Trello

Collaborative fair share is often required for the startups. If you want any free software for project management, then Trello is the best one. It keeps multiple user interfaces, time stamping, budget tracking etc. on the same page for both desktop and mobile.

  • Square

Before having any capital for installing a commercial system of point of purchase, you can have a secure and simple alternative known as “square”.  It is easy to use and the payments are accepted through tablets and phones with the help of this system. You have to purchase the hardware and install the app for using this system. After that it is free to use.

  • Fiverr

After paying 5 dollars, you can have freelancers through this website. The freelancers belong to different countries of the world. It is the best platform to get the best services from them while to buy any service, make sure these are not dishonest ones like purchasing backlinks etc. because buying such services can only harm your business.

  • Kickstarter

If you want to raise funds, then kickstarter is the best option. It has helped to keep more and more funds for startups.

  • Canva

For any content marketing campaign to be successful, infographics and imagery are very important things. You can have Canva for having customized images at very reasonable prices. The templates can also be built with the help of Canva for web designing.

  • Google Analytics

Google analytics is the best tool for understanding the referral and organic traffic, the customers, the campaigns for promotions through the tools like data collection etc.

  • WebCEO

After launching a website for your starter business, now it’s time for improving its performance of SEO. The performance of SEO includes keyword research, keyword ranking keyword analysis, backlink analysis, competitor analysis and on page SEO etc. WebCEO is an efficient platform for providing such features.

  • SumoMe

Now with the help of list building, pop up emails etc., you can increase your traffic. This tool is very affordable and best option for your startup.