Generally speaking, if we make estimation, we will find out that the majority of the customers use the maximum of 5 apps daily and usually don’t even bother to download your app. Everyone wants that his app should have a central mobile experience of the customers because it takes a lot of money to create a new app so no company wants his branded app to stay on sideline of its customers’ mobile experience.

If you want the mobile attention of your customers, then it is important that you become creative, practical and smart in your mobile strategy. You can also borrow the mobile moments from other popular apps or introduce some different and exclusive functions in your apps so that they become useful and demanding for the customers. Such brands, win the mobile race that know making such type of experiences.

We are also sharing some tips for you to learn increasing the brand awareness with the help of apps.

  1. Make Out The Mobile Moments Of Your Customers

The mobile moments are referred as the space and time point when any customer uses his phone to achieve what they immediately require. The average mobile moments of any Smartphone user is between 150 to 200 moments each day.

Here the idea is to figure out the helpful functions that customers need repeatedly from their hand’s palm. For hospitals the functions like wait times, doctors’ directory or interactive trackers may be included. When the patients navigate through your facility, you can add wayfinding tips for them which would be very helpful for them.

  1. Create Several Branded Apps For Your Company

For increasing the brand awareness, every company should launch several apps each serving a specific target audience. For example for a hospital, there should a separate app for urgent care center, kid’s health, wellness program etc.

All such apps must come under the trusted brand name of your organization.

  1. Push Notifications

Push notification help in increasing the app awareness so it is advised to send the users the relevant content. It is very effective mobile marketing strategy for increasing the customer engagement.  As a push notification, you can add event announcement, medication reminder, appointments, health tips and wellness tips to your apps.

  1. Your Mobile Apps Should Be Unique And Popular

For creating the brand awareness with the help of your app, make your app easy and convenient to use. Add the things that make your app stand out. For example you can add app store description, or an attractive icon. The UI design should be attractive and the navigation must be made easy. The functions should be useful and interactive etc.

These are some of the important tips by which you can increase your brand awareness with the help of Apps. This type of awareness is created for a longer period of time. Now mobile apps are the only source by which any company can put its brand name on everyone’s lips.