The online market of today’s world has become very competitive. It has also become very challenging for any business to gain profits and gains out of simple websites. Mobile and tablets are increasingly used in these days. People use their smart phone for surfing the internet and browsing different websites. It is estimated that about 83 percent people use their smart phones for surfing the internet.

For a business, if it does not possess a responsive website, it could be very disturbing for the users because it does not fit on the mobile screen properly. The users also become bored and leave the website which discourages the website owner.

With the advancement of the technology new software and applications are coming into being that help in easing the life. Every type of online services like the online money transfer, purchase of any product, searching information on Google or surfing through the social networking sites people tend to use their hand held devices like smart phones or tablets to browse the internet as they are more convenient and easy to carry and can be used anywhere anytime. There is one more problem which starts when any website is unable to open on different browsers that are not supported by your smart phone or tablet. The responsive websites thus make it possible to open any website on any browser and let the customer continue visiting the webpage and if he stops following the webpage then it becomes a hard time for a website owner. In other words it can be said that for any business website that has the number of visitors’ daily need to have a responsive web design for its existence.

Earlier, there was a single browser internet explorer which was used by every internet user to surf in order to remain informed, but with the development of information technology, different new browsers were introduced and now with the technology of 3G and 4G people use their mobile phones more frequently to browse the internet. For this purpose the transformation of website into a responsive one has become a must. Especially for a business website you have to go according to the new advancement in the technologies otherwise your customers will lack their interest in your webpage if they find some problems and errors while using the website on their mobile phones. So in order to stay inclined and up to date your website should have the responsive web design in order to give your customer best possible web experience.

With the reform of the internet new services from the websites are offered to the customers, which were not possible earlier. In the past the websites were lighter in weight and simple and had the lesser number of visitors. Now the websites are heavier and offer more services and advanced options to its customers.

Importance Of Responsive Web Design
The importance of the responsive web design can be observed from some of the figures and statistics. These statistics can’t be ignored and thus due to these figures the business websites need to be responsive in order to survive in the competitive market. The estimated figure of the smart phone users has exceeded 2 billion by the start of 2015. It means that the people are using internet on more easy and handy devices which they can use anywhere they go and carrying a smart phone or tablet is easier than carrying a computer or laptop. Google has estimated that 20% of the searches that are made on Google are done from the smart phones.

More than 50 percent people will purchase any product online or use the service online if they find their experience good while searching any product online through their mobile phone

Therefore these mentioned figures show that the number of internet users with their smart phones is increasing with time and is expected to increase more in the coming years with new and advanced technology thus result in the users to use their mobile phones more likely while making any purchases online, using any online services or surfing through internet. This gives the website owners a view that the responsive web design is important and essential in the current scenario.

Traits of Responsive Web Design
The above discussion shows how a responsive website has become important and the website owners need to transform their websites so that they should get connected to the ongoing advancement. To give the customer the positive experience while using their website the website owner does not need to create a different and separate versions for desktop and mobile users but just to have a responsive website design that work perfectly on all platforms.

The responsive websites are made lighter and easier to use and with the 3G and 4G technologies the page can swiftly open on mobiles as well as the tablets.

It is also smart web design and easy to navigate and is perfectly adjusted to any smart device. They look more professional as compared to simple web design and make their costumers comfortable. They are user friendly as the layout of the web page is adjusted accordingly and are easily visible to the users.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design
When there is a new advancement of technology or any new service is introduced it certainly brings benefit to the people in the long run. Introduction of the internet brought a lot of comfort and easiness in the lives of the people and with the passage of time its advancement has made people experience new tastes thus the responsive website brings the owner of business website the options for their customers to stay connected and use their services online. Some benefits are

1:- Improved offline browsing experience of users
2:- Saves time and cost on site management
3:- On mobile development, it is possible to save the cost and time
4:- Enhances visibility in search engines
5:- You can combine your analytics and reporting
6:- Enhanced conversion rates and sales